Past Activities

A look back at recent travel and hosting :


Visit to Nor Peru - Peru

Our first venture to the wonderful country of Peru. We learned about the country's pre-colombian history of multiple ancient civilisations and its present day culture, which has styles and traditions  as varied as the country's diverse geography. 



Visit to West Alajuela - Costa Rica

Another first for our club as we spent a week with the West Alajuela club near to the capital of San Jose. Costa Rica is a small country with a big heart. Its diverse landscapes, flora and fauna are truly amazing. 



Visit to Metropole Ruhr - Germany

The Metropole Ruhr club is the oldest in Germany and is located in an area known as the "City of Cities".  Our hosts showed us their heritage from the castles and villages of the middle ages, through industrialisation in the 19th and 20th centuries, to commerce and culture of today. 


Hosting the Miyagi club

In August 2018 we hosted the Miyagi club from Japan. We organised a walking tour of Manchester, a visit to the Cheshire Show and a day trip to the nearby historic city of Chester.


New Zealand

We were hosted in two places in the North Island, added on a tour of South Island and 2 nights in Singapore


Çankaya Turkey

Our trip took us to the capital city of Turkey. After a week's hosting we extended our stay with extra sightseeing.


Belgian Coast

Outgoing trip to Belgium where we were hosted bt the Belgian Coast Club. We visited many cities and our stay coincided with a heatwave.



After our week in Belgium we travelled by train to Schewrin, Germany. The wonderful weather continued as our new hosts show us their wonderful city and its surroundings


Brazil - Rio De Janeiro and Curitiba

We visited two cities in Brazil and had one week's hosting in each. After we left our new friends we  spent some days in Iguazu and Buzios